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Products & Services
Information Technology professional inspecting servers
Systems Administration
Cherokee Services Group has broad experience working across the entire life cycle of systems administration.
Cherokee Services Group’s expertise ranges from the evaluation, integration, security and deployment of hardware and applications to systems monitoring, updating, optimizing and decommissioning.
For instance, Cherokee Services Group supported the United States Forest Service's resource-intensive geospatial data requirements. This involved selecting and deploying high-performance servers and peripheral components. It also involved configuring and integrating numerous disparate GIS data management and manipulation applications — some purchased from vendors and some custom developed — most of which placed high demands on system processing and storage resources.
Cherokee Services Group ensures the integrity, reliability and consistency of data and systems by providing the necessary resources, processes and tools to preserve high-quality performance. CSG administrators provide expertise in most technological platforms, including MS Windows, UNIX, Linux, VAX/VMS and Mac.
Cherokee Services Group’s support involves the following:
  • Deploying upgrades and patches
  • Managing and monitoring system security processes and controls
  • Ensuring system configuration and performance
  • Testing hardware components and software releases
  • Researching and recommending future technologies to meet project needs