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Products & Services

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Office & Facility Management
While much of Cherokee Services Group's experience is in the field of information technology, CSG also delivers a wide range of other business services to clients. This capability offers its clients the flexibility to accomplish projects of all types.
Whether the need is accounting, records management, office administration or similar support, supply chain and logistics support, warehouse management and operations, Cherokee Services Group provides a one-stop solution.
Cherokee Services Group provides an array of administrative and clerical services, including word processing, data entry, records management and office administration.
CSG’s word processing services include production and review of correspondence, templates, reports and various legal documents. CSG delivers data entry and workflow management for personnel actions, requisitions, AR/AP processing, work reports and time and attendance.
Cherokee Services Group also provides both warehouse operational and property management support including inventory control, management, handling and storage, hazardous materials and waste handling and property management.
Cherokee Services Group is highly experienced in document and records management. CSG supports the United States Department of the Interior's Office of Historical Trust Accounting (OHTA) by providing document search and collection in support of litigation-driven and other information requests. CSG also supports a number of clients in converting paper-based records to electronic formats, as well as designing, developing and administering automated systems for maintaining electronic records.
Cherokee Services Group also supports OHTA by researching Special Deposit Accounts (SDA), which temporarily hold funds from transactions associated with Interior-managed trust lands. CSG investigates and makes recommendations for the correct disbursement of these SDA monies. For other clients, Cherokee Services Group provides program monitoring to assess performance-based costs and to track resource expenditures.